Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love the princess!

Art made just for us, and about our lives is one of those things that makes loving ourselves and our identities just a little easier. So without further ado, I bring you The Princess:

The Princess is a web comic by Christine Smith about a young trans girl in elementary school and now *GASP* her non-binary friend Irma! I really can't express my love for this comic enough. It deals with honestly with trans issues and shows the painful process of a mother coming to terms with her trans child, but at heart it is a feel-good story bent on making you go "awwwww." Don't knock it! Yes I know you are a bunch of hard up activists, but you need some feel-good goodness, I know you do. If you are trans or a trans ally and you aren't reading this comic yet, you really need to start.

I really recommend you head back to strip #1 and read the archive through (it won't take long). The one disclaimer I will make is that the comic is about white suburban children and families, so if you feel like that narrative is too distant for you to relate to, you likely won't get as much out of this.

The comic updates Mondays and Fridays, so head over to and start reading before the next comic posts.


Keep it pink y'all,

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